Get rankings, related searches and more in our new search result functions (PRO only).

New in Keywords in Sheets PRO: 5 new search result functions, including get rankings, top search results, top search titles, related searches and SERP similarity 🚀

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1. Requirements

  1. Keywords in Sheets Google Sheets Add-On.
  2. Trial or a Keywords in Sheets PRO plan.

2. Our new functions

We’ve just released 5 new search result functions in Keywords in Sheets PRO, including:

  1. Get rankings
  2. Top search results
  3. Top search titles
  4. Related searches
  5. SERP similarity

It makes analysing search results so much faster! Near 70 countries supported 🌍

How do credits work?

Our search result functions use 1 credit per request (search results are cached for 7 hours).

In our $30 plan, you get 30,000 credits. That’s $0.001 per search result (some of of the lowest rates on the market). Or you can trial Keywords in Sheets for $1 for 7 days and get 500 credits.


Get the rank of any URL in search results for a given keyword.

=rankings(keyword, url, country, language, featuredSnippet, refresh)

Ranking Results

Get the top ranking URLs in search results for a given keyword.

=rankingresults(keyword, country, language, num, featuredSnippet, refresh)

Ranking Titles

Get the top ranking titles in search results for a given keyword.

=rankingtitles(keyword, country, language, num, featuredSnippet, refresh)

Related Searches

Get the related searches from search results for a given keyword.

=relatedsearches(keyword, country, language, num, refresh)

SERP Similarity

Compare two search results and get the percentage of URLs that match from the top 10.

=serpsimilarity(keyword1, keyword2, country, language, refresh)

3. Good to know

Some useful information on how to use the functions (and how to save credits).

  • You should drag the formula down to a maximum of around 100 rows. Google Sheets only allows you to run 30 functions simultaneously , so it will be slow at scale.

  • Typically, around 5-10% of your functions will timeout. This is because Google Sheets has a 30-second timeout. Use the refresh parameter to quickly refresh all cells.

  • Every time a search results function successfully returns data, it is stored in a cache for 7 hours. That means once you receive data from one of the search results functions, like Ranking Titles, you can use all of the other search result function, like Ranking Results, without using credits for 7 hours.

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