Get HARO opportunities directly in Google Sheets

Automatically get relevant Help a Reporter Out (HARO) requests from Gmail directly into Google Sheets, filtered by topics. 🚀

Guest Contribution: This our first ever guest contribution from the very talented Niall Cullen, Founder & Lead SEO Consultant @ Silo Digital.

Check out the GIF to see it in action 🎥

What is Help a Report Out (HARO)?

For those of you unfamiliar with HARO, it’s a platform to connect journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources.

The free plan delivers media opportunities to your inbox three times a day.

And that’s where this excellent templates comes in. You can filter all of those opportunities by topics and automatically add them to separate tabs in sheets!

What can you do with the template?

First and foremost, there are some prerequisites for the template to work:

1. You need to sign up to

2. You need to make sure you sign up with a Gmail and that email is the same email you use for Google Sheets.

Pretty straightforward, right?

The script then accesses HARO requests in your Gmail and parses the information using Regex based on the topics you input:

From the menu UI you can enter the keywords you’d like to use to filter HARO requests and you can also specify the number of days to fetch.

The template is automatically updated every 2 hours, so you should always have fresh requests!

Are there limitations with the template?

This is only version 1 of the template, so there are some limitations Niall highlights. Some of the features which would be cool for future updates would include:

– Date picker functionality.

– Fetch all listings configured for scheduled fetches.

(but, honestly, I think he’s nitpicking)

This is amazing! 💡

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