Power your SEO in Google Sheets.

Do keyword research, competitor research and more, all inside Google Sheets. 

Search volume for 1000s of keywords, in seconds.

Getting search volume for keywords has never been easier. Get search volume metrics for over 50,000 locations worldwide inside Google Sheets.

Plus four functions to make your keyword research easier. And faster.

And a growing suite of FREE functions to help you do more in Google Sheets. 

Status Code Checker.

Get the HTTP response status code of a URL.

Local Keywords.

Append your keywords with all locations, from any country.

Wayback Machine.

Get saved URLs for a domain from Wayback Machine.

Link Checker.

Check to see if a link / mention exists on a page.

Redirect Checker.

Get the redirected URL.

XML Sitemap.

Get sitemap URLs.

With insight you won't find in other tools.

Pay for what you need.

Flexible pricing starting from just $30. No monthly subscriptions.
Keywords in Sheets PRO (BETA)


minimum credits (one-off payment)
  • Search Volume
  • Related Keywords
  • Competitor Keywords
  • Search Results
  • Questions
To update your credits purchase with the same email.

1. Get Add-On

Get the Keywords in Sheets Add-On from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Buy Credits

Pay for as many credits as you need. You'll get a licence key with each purchase.

3. Enter Key

Enter your licence key on the Keywords in Sheets Add-On and you're all set.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions on using our functions, visit our documentation.

How do credits work?

Credits are used whenever you make a request using one of our PRO functions.  

You pay for how many credits you need.

Starting at $30, you get a number of credits across all of our 5 PRO functions: Search Volume, Related Keywords, Competitor Keywords, Search Results and Questions. 

For the minimum fee of $30, you'd typically get:

  1. Search Volume: 60 credits (60,000 keywords est.)
  1. Related Keywords/Questions: 48 credits (48,000 keywords est.)

  2. Competitor Keywords: 41 credits (41,000 keywords est.)

  3. Search Results: 2083 credits (2083 searches)


Do credits expire?

Your credits are valid for one year after the day of purchase. Following that, your licence key will be disabled and you'll need to update your credits. 

How do I install Keywords in Sheets?

Keywords in Sheets is a Google Sheets Add-On. 

You first need to install the add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace. Once you've installed the add-on, you can use all of the free functions available.

If you want to use our PRO functions, you'll need a licence key.

To get a licence key, visit our credit calculator to see how many credits you need and then select 'Get Credits'.

You can then purchase credits via Gumroad, and an email will be sent you with your licence key. 

Once you've got your licence key, it can add input into the sidebar of the our Google Sheets add-on. 

See our adding credits guide for more information. 

Where is your search volume data from?

Our search volume data is from Google Ads Keyword Planner. We don't pair the data with clickstream data. 

What countries do you support?

Countries and languages supported depends on the function. 

1. Search Volume

50k locations worldwide. All countries supported by Google Ads. 

2. Related Keywords / Questions / Competitor Keywords

+90 countries. See here. 

3. Search Results

69 countries. See here

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